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Attached scaffolding features
Feb 10, 2018

Scaffolding facilities are indispensable safety measures for aerial work in building construction. Scaffolding is used to allow workers to carry out construction better. With the development of our society and economy, a large number of high-rise buildings and high-rise buildings in the field of construction appear. Compared with other scaffolding, due to the economy, use, low-carbon environmental protection and mature technology of the attached lifting scaffold, Use attached lifting scaffolding.

Attached scaffolding features: once erected five-story, body weight light; vertical main frame and the horizontal truss composed of steel structure, high structural strength, stiffness, good stability. The main frame through the wall bearing with the wall to form a reliable connection. The whole system includes the main frame system, scaffolding frame system, lifting system and anti-fall system, anti-tipping system five parts, due to its compared with other scaffolding, with a large number of man-made, pipe, practical and safe to use and other characteristics of the construction Gradual promotion.

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