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Construction is completed to safely remove the scaffolding
Feb 10, 2018

Wait until the construction is completed, the very important thing is to remove the scaffolding, because the scaffolding is aerial work facilities, therefore, demolition must pay attention to safety, a slight mistake may result in accidental injury.

(1) Be sure to follow the order of the first, second, first and second, the first frame material after the frame material, the first after the auxiliary structure and the first structural member attached to the wall in the order, one by one to release the connection, Take out the well and then hang down (or focus on the adjacent unopened shelves, tie down after hanging).

(2) When removing scaffolding, bars, masts and other longer, heavier, two-end connected parts, two or more persons must be engaged. Prohibit single-person disassembly operations, to prevent the control rod instability, imbalance and accidents. When you remove the horizontal bar, release the coupling. Horizontal support removed. Remove the pole, the steady end, then release the lower end of the link removed.

 (3) When more than one or more groups are to be demolished, they should strengthen their command and interrogate and coordinate their operation steps. Any disassembly that is not carried out in accordance with the procedures is strictly prohibited.

(4) If it is necessary to temporarily remove the upper wall or the side wall attached to the wall to make the shelf unstable, it may be necessary to add temporary measures to prevent the sway of the shelf from affecting the work safety.

(5) Demolition site should have reliable safety enclosure, and set up a special caretaker, non-operating personnel into the demolition operations area.

(6) Do not throw the dismantled rod parts and materials to the ground. Erected materials that have been hoisted to the ground should be transported out of the demolition area at any time to maintain the scene civilization.

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