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Different styles of galvanized scaffolding is not the same characteristics
Feb 10, 2018

Now the market gantry scaffolding galvanized mainly taken is hot dip galvanized, cold galvanized, cold galvanized, anti-rust paint treatment. Different galvanized methods, the demand is not the same, the processing technology will change as well, and the service life is not the same.

Different styles of galvanized scaffolding of the nature and characteristics are not the same.

 Hot-dip galvanized gantry scaffolding accessories use about 10 years or so in the course of the use of the need for maintenance, there is no need to be any restrictions, but the cost will be higher, the use of raw materials more complex, in practice using the process, Many gantry scaffolding accessories will be deformed, the scaffolding formed parts are not very easy to use, or even can not be used. Therefore, after using five years to pay more attention to maintenance, so as to extend the service life.

The whole cold galvanized scaffolding accessories use time is about five years, the price is moderate, the process is the first welding of the door scaffold accessories in the galvanized. This scaffolding is more used in the market.

Antirust paint door scaffolding is the door scaffolding on the outside of the paint pool, and then dry, anti-rust paint scaffolding in the use of one or two years should be well maintained.

Split cold galvanized scaffolding, is the first galvanized, and then welded, welded joints treated with anti-rust paint, the welding process, the pipe is galvanized pipe, will reduce the robustness of welding.

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