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Door scaffolding is more traditional in terms of safety
Feb 10, 2018

Scaffolding is a safety protection product for aerial construction work. The structural stability of scaffolding is an important part of structural safety and a prerequisite for ensuring the safety of construction workers. Usually the occurrence of a fall from a height is caused by the instability of the scaffolding structure, and the stability is not enough due to various reasons. Now the city of Hangzhou welcomes the G20 summit and all over the country are undergoing maintenance and overhaul.

Door scaffolding is an important multi-purpose scaffolding, mainly by the gantry, cross, cross-support bar, hanging button scaffolding, connecting rods and so on, due to the main frame "door" font, it is called the door Scaffolding.

Frame protection, door scaffolding outside the working layer by the fringe protection requirements. Set up two protective railings and foot shields. Prevent operators from falling and materials falling on scaffolding. Tight safety net positioned on the outside of scaffold Fasten the perimeter of the wire every 45 cm (per ring interval) to the scaffold with the required tie.

Installation, the gantry scaffolding full shop steel pedal on each floor, no need to re-install, safety and convenience is better; gantry-type scaffolding plug-in connection. No loss. Traditionally, the top and bottom floors are equipped with bamboo pedals. After the construction has been completed, the bamboo pedals are transferred to the next floor to increase the work intensity and increase the secondary installation costs. Poor safety and construction convenience.

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