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Mobile scaffolding why there is such a wide range of applications?
Feb 10, 2018

First of all, let's look at the scope of the application of mobile scaffolding, mobile scaffolding applied to the room, interior and exterior decoration, facade advertising, bridge support, template support, full house scaffolding, wall scaffolding, etc.

1) Multi-functional: According to the specific construction requirements, the composition of a variety of frame size, shape and carrying capacity of single and double rows of scaffolds, support frames, support columns, material lifting frame, climbing scaffolding, cantilevered shelves and other functions of the construction It can also be used to build construction sheds, sheds, lighthouses and other structures, especially suitable for erecting curved scaffolds and heavy-duty support frames.

2) Easy to manage: The series of components are standardized, the appearance of the components is orange, the appearance is beautiful and the components are stacked neatly, which is convenient for site material management and meets the requirements of civilized construction.

3) High Efficacy: The longest common rod is 3130mm and weighs 17.07kg. The whole spell demolishing speed is 3 to 5 times faster than the conventional one, and the splicing is quick and labor-saving. The worker can finish all the work with a single hammer, Bolt operation caused a lot of inconvenience.

4) versatility: the main components are used ordinary steel pipe scaffolding pipe, available fasteners with ordinary steel pipe connection, versatility.

5) Bearing capacity: Pole connection is the coaxial bearing, cross bar with the pole bowl buckle connector connection, the joint has a reliable bending, shear, torsion mechanical properties. And the axis of the rod to pay At a certain point, the node is in the plane of the frame, so the structure is stable and reliable, and the bearing capacity is large.

6) Less maintenance: The scaffolding member eliminates the bolt connection. Components knock knock knock. General corrosion does not affect the fight splicing operations, without special maintenance and repair.

7) Safe and reliable: When designing the joint, taking into account the helical friction force and the self-gravity effect on the bowl, the joint has a reliable self-locking ability, the load acting on the crossbar is transmitted to the pole through the bowl-down clasp, Has a strong shear capacity (maximum 199kN). Bowls buckle even if not pressed, the bar connector will not be prolapsed and cause accidents. Equipped with safety net bracket, the crossbar, scaffolding, Ladder. Wall accessories such as pole accessories, the use of safe and reliable.

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