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Scaffolding hazards when used
Feb 10, 2018

(1) Collapse: Scaffolding is not erected according to norms, climbing the unsteady scaffolding, the basic components of the scaffolding are removed at will, and the wall is not removed at will. After demolishing, no reliable reinforcement measures are taken and the scaffolding staff or stockpiles are too heavy Concentration, failure to remove scaffolding in sequence, or unsecured temporary reinforcement may cause scaffolding to collapse.

(2) falling from height: the scaffolding is not full shop, there is a probe plate, the safety net is not installed, the operator does not fasten the seat belt, the seat belt does not have the hang, does not wear the non-slip shoes, Climbing, etc., may lead to a fall in height.

(3) object hit: erection of materials unreasonable landing wounding; tools not put in the tool bag or throwing, dropping wounding; removed the scaffold, scaffolding, fasteners and other materials, free to go Throw under the cast hurt.

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