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Scaffolding manufacturers tell you how to protect the ground in winter
Feb 10, 2018

Winter due to the cold weather, the road will be frozen and so bad weather will have an impact on the ground, it will affect the normal use of mobile scaffolding, so in the winter to do a good job of protecting the ground, let scaffolding manufacturers to tell you What do you want to do?

In order to keep the road safe and smooth during construction, lots of road construction will be closed during the construction. Judgment should be made in light of the actual situation of the work so as to supervise the construction of the project.

Strict supervision of road and road rights, strengthen the inspection of closed sections of the construction efforts, to find signs of road signs in time to register and focus on patrols as a key section of the road, timely management to ensure that each project is Meet management requirements.

Strengthen winter security inspection. If the construction is carried out in winter, safety precautions should be taken during the work and training should be done in advance so as to enhance the safety awareness of construction workers.

Strengthen the smooth flow of the road management. Relevant units of the construction road signs and safety signs for a complete, standardized setting. If the logo is lost, promptly fill.

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