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Scaffolding outside the cage for protective measures
Feb 10, 2018

Construction site for the workers to operate and solve the vertical and horizontal transport and erected a variety of stent. Refers to the construction site used in the external walls, interior decoration or high floors can not be directly under construction. Scaffolding project in construction is a temporary measure project.

Whether it is mobile scaffolding or portal scaffolding, disc buckle scaffolding, all need some protective measures to be protected. For example, protective measures can be carried out in the outer cage: outer cage is full of shelves every step of the operation layer, the workers in the above operations and stacking materials safer. The outer cage is based on the structure of the floor, erected a layer of protective layer, tiled, erect bamboo fence panels, the outer side of the cage to establish a mesh seal. This kind of outer bracket is not used as the operation frame in the engineering main body. Its function is to prevent the construction floor workers from falling down to the outside from the periphery. When the decoration works started, in the middle of the two-step shelf, and then take a step shelves for external operation workers use, but also more secure.

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