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Scaffolding System Accessories, Formwork System Accessories, Prop System Accessories
May 26, 2018

Basic Info

  • Framework: Combined Ringlock Scaffolding

  • Construction Properties: Building Scaffold

  • Transport Package: Pallets

  • Origin: China

  • Material: Metal

  • Structural Style: Multi-Pole Scaffolding

  • Supporting Mode: Floor Type Scaffolding

  • Erection Position: External Scaffolding

  • Scaffolding Part Type: Ringlock Scaffolding System and Ringlock Scaffolding Accessories

  • Specification: metal

  • HS Code: 73084000

Product Description

Scaffolding System Specification

1. The ringlock scaffolding standard is a vertical member of ringlock scaffolding and provides the vertical support. The ring are placed at fixed increments of 0.5m to provide vertical support when attaching horizontal ledgers and diagonal Braces. Normally our standard vertical is made with Φ48.3x3.25mm scaffolding tube, also can do it as per customers’ requirement.

2. The ringlock ledger is the ringlock horizontal member of ringlock scaffolding system. They provide horizontal support for ringlock planks. Normal our horizontal Ledger is Made from Φ48.3x3mm scaffolding tube.

3. Ringlock scaffolding diagonal braces are used for the lateral bracing of scaffolding system. They can also be used as compression and tension members for cantilevers/spurs, transmitting loads back into the main scaffold structure.

4. Ringlock scaffolding  accessories are very important parts in scaffolding system. The wedge lock system guarantees that all ringlock ledgers and ringlock diagonal braces are secured immediately they are placed


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