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Single-row scaffolding is not suitable for the occasion
Feb 10, 2018

Scaffolding products are aerial work facilities, is an essential infrastructure for construction, but because there are also some dangerous high-altitude operations, it is necessary to be familiar with the scaffolding norms to eliminate hidden problems, to meet the national standards, norms, to ensure construction Security.

There are many scaffolding products, such as fastener-type steel scaffolding, bowl-style steel scaffolding, gantry scaffolding, mobile scaffolding, scaffolding scaffolding, scaffolding, etc. attached to the lift. And many types of scaffolding products have single row and double row, the main remind you, what is not suitable for single-row scaffolding products.

1. Wall thickness less than or equal to 180mm

2. The building height exceeds 24m

3. bucket fighting brick wall, aerated block wall and other light wall

4. masonry mortar strength level less than or equal to Ml.0 brick wall.

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