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What accessories are needed when setting up mobile scaffolding
Feb 10, 2018

Setting requirements: Scaffolding settings, and construction accuracy, it is best not to exceed a group of adjacent walls After the above two steps, every move to see the mobile scaffold to see if the position is correct, the distance is horizontal distance And the perpendicularity of the vertical rod must meet the requirements: Base standard, the plate to be accurate positioning, length and thickness must be within the specified range, you can use the channel.

Pay attention to the following requirements when setting up: Do not exceed the specified length of the steel pipe. The polarization extension can be used not only on the top of the laptop, but also other steps. Each layer should be butt-jointed with the connector. To be bolted, not at the same height, do the following: Do not synchronize two adjacent bolt connectors, move the scaffold synchronously in the direction of the height of the two connectors of a vertical bar, stagger the center of the main contact Do not exceed one-third of the time interval, the length of not less than one meter to build.

In the process of construction to be analyzed in the rope above the pull, slotted outside the buckle-style steel scaffolding erection. To choose embedded steel ring.

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