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Cantilever Scaffolding Erection Must Meet What Requirements
Feb 10, 2018

Scaffolding erection methods can vary according to the situation on the ground, and according to our experience of mobile scaffolding manufacturers, erection scaffolding erection requirements are the following aspects:

First, the scaffolding operators must pass the assessment of qualified professionals should be held on duty card and do regular physical examination, the operator must wear safety helmets, fasten the seat belts, wear non-slip shoes; the use of shelves to control the load Not more than ZkN / mZ, prohibit the random removal of wall bars and other security facilities;

Second, the dismantling of the cantilevered shelves, frame pipe must be timely and centralized transmission to the ground segment is strictly prohibited throwing: When the shelves removed, should be set around the fence or warning signs, and sent a special caretaker to prohibit entry to prevent falling injuries Person; Fasteners and steel pipe supporting the use of diameter, and a factory certificate. Found cracks, deformation, slip of the ban on the use of 48 pipe is prohibited in the mixed use of steel in 51;

Third, the erection of temporary electricity lines and grounding of cantilever shelves, lightning protection measures should be implemented according to national standards; frame body construction load, must comply with the design requirements, non-overload and local to withstand concentrated load; the first erection of the frame Must be approved by the company's safety technology department and approved by the project safety officer of the company before proceeding.

Fourth, in case of work stoppage, frame body over a month to use, such as re-start, the frame body must be reinforced treatment, the rod must be re-fastening of the oil before use; erection should be approved before the approval of the special construction program, the main structure The construction process should be buried in time according to the requirements of the program embedded parts;

Fifth, the scaffolding should be paved flat shop, and tied with wire tied to the lower support pipe. In the butt joint, the distance from the next two support crossbars should be controlled between 100 and 200, and the distance between the other support crossbars must not be more than 400 to 700. When installing the scaffold to pull the rod, it should be noticed Grasp the tension of the tension, to avoid causing the rod and the whole significant deformation;

Sixth, erection work on the shelf, workers must wear safety helmets and with seat belts, seat belts must be hung low. All operating tools must be placed in the tool bag, bad weather, poor conditions prohibit shelves. Not allowed to install a single heavier pole accessories and other prone to imbalance, sell, collision, slide and other unsafe jobs.