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Different Building Structures Use Different Scaffolding
Feb 10, 2018

Construction scaffolding and scaffolding single scaffolding for industrial and civil construction erection of scaffolding. Integrated scaffolding divided into two types: masonry integrated scaffolding and watering integrated scaffolding.

First, the masonry integrated scaffolding: Suitable for masonry buildings between brick and concrete structures with multi-story and single-story buildings.

Second, watering integrated scaffolding: suitable for pouring pouring frame and used as a reinforcement, template and other installation procedures, but the masonry between the masonry need to be calculated when another masonry integrated scaffolding.

In addition, a single scaffolding is also a more commonly used scaffolding, which is applicable to the building area can not be calculated in accordance with the construction area scaffolding costs but must use scaffolding construction, with the corresponding single scaffolding.

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