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How To Prevent And Control The Installation Of Common Node Rust
Feb 10, 2018

Corrosion of the installation node is the most common quality problem of steel structure anticorrosive. For the welded joints of scaffolding, in order to ensure the welding quality, the end of the member should not be painted in the factory within 30mm. Connecting nodes, to ensure the anti-slip coefficient, the node friction surface is not painted in the factory.

Due to the restriction of the on-site conditions, sandblasting or shot blasting can not be used after the components are installed, and the structure of the node parts is complex. It is not easy to thoroughly remove the rust before the paint refinishing, thus becoming the site where the steel structure is most easily corroded.

Prevention and control measures: make up the technical note before the painting, using manual or electric tools for rust, rust after the inspection to meet the design requirements of the derusting before painting. Spraying paint should be used, especially high-pressure airless spray process, so that the edge of the node, the interior can be painted in place, and enhance the adhesion of the paint, Paint paint varnish should be used with other parts of the same components, in strict accordance with the design requirements Primer, the middle layer of paint and finish the thickness of sub-Tu, prohibit the direct use of top coat Tu.

High-strength bolting joints in the paint when the response to the paint joints at the junction board to use the film to be closed to prevent the damp gas into the friction surface to accelerate the corrosion of steel, the humidity of the environment exposed steel structures in the factory After the rust is applied to the friction surface, a high-zinc water-soluble inorganic zinc-rich primer cohesion will not affect the anti-skid coefficient of the friction surface, but also prevent the corrosion of the friction surface.