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Main Problems In The Standardization Of Portal Scaffolding
Feb 10, 2018

First, the name of the scaffold parts are inconsistent

At present, the domestic factories on the main parts of the door scaffolding inconsistent. Each have a set of names, to promote the use of scaffolding has brought great inconvenience.

Second, the size of the main components of various sizes

Various countries in the world gantry scaffolding specifications size, there are two units of measurement in international units and the British system.

For example, the 1219 gantry in English units has a width of 4 '(1219mm) and a height of 6'4 "(1930mm), the International Unit 1219 gantry has a width of 1200 mm and a height of 1900 mm. There are four main width of gantry 900,914,1200,1219 mm four, the height of the gantry size a lot, since a system.

Several production plants in China are also very inconsistent product specifications, there are imitation of foreign product specifications, there are domestic research units to design a system, the use of inch size, but also the size of the international system of units. Such as the width of the door frame inch size 1219mm, the International System of 1200mm, rack spacing were 1829mm and 1830mm, due to these different sizes, so that the masts can not be common between each other. Another example is the height of the gantry frame size of more than eight, there are a variety of spacing between the connecting pin size, resulting in a large cross-bracing specifications variety.

Third, the cross-sectional dimensions of the steel used in the scaffolding are different

Foreign materials used for the door scaffolding materials and dimensions have special provisions, such as the Japanese standard gantry scaffolding main components of the material used for the pole STK-51 steel, size 42.7 × 2.5mm, the material used in the auxiliary rod For the STK-41 steel, the size of? 34.2 × 2.3mm and? 27.2 × 2.0 mm. There is no special steel used for door scaffolds in our country, and the size of the steel pipe required by the research institute often fails to reach the required size, resulting in some Manufacturers are forced to adopt a larger arm thickness water gas pipe.