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Measures To Ensure The Safety Of Construction Projects
Feb 10, 2018

Door scaffolding is currently the most widely used construction scaffolding on the market, the streets can see a wide range of scaffolding, scaffolding safety has always been a concern, so in the construction and demolition of the time to pay attention.

The foundation is the most basic and most important of any building. When the scaffolding erected on the structure of the floor, make sure the grass-roots level formation, caster positioning no other objects raised. In order to better ensure the safety of the project, we must make preparations.

Establish a safety management system and regularly carry out safety education at tertiary level;

To carry out construction inspections promptly remove unsafe hidden dangers;

On the safety of workers entering the education, who do the construction, who is responsible for the principle of safe production;

Special operations personnel to be certified posts; on-site construction of electricity to have someone management, electrical equipment to make ground protection, distribution box must be set three leakage protector;

Gantry scaffolding and fasteners must meet quality requirements.