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Requirements For Construction Of Scaffolding Pole
Feb 10, 2018

(1) In addition to the column joints can be used in the top lap, the other joints must be docked butt docking, opening to the building side.

(2) The butting fasteners on the column should be staggered. The two adjacent column joints can not be in the same step. The distance between two adjacent column joints in the height direction should not be less than 500mm. The center of each joint should be away from the main node The distance should not be greater than 1/3 of the step.

(3) The length of the column should not be less than three fasteners, and the length of lap joint should not be less than 1m. The distance between the edge of the cover of the end fasteners and the rod end should not be less than 1O0mm.

(4) column top should be higher than the building cornice epithelium height of not less than 1.5m.

(5) rack base must be set vertical and horizontal sweep to pole. Longitudinal sweeping bar should be fixed at a right angle from the base under the skin is not more than 200mm at the column. Horizontal sweeping bar should be fixed at a right angle fasteners close to the bottom of the vertical sweeping bar column.