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Scaffolding Maintenance Significance
Feb 10, 2018

Any object you want to use longer life, we must do its protection and maintenance operations. Take mobile scaffolding, all know that mobile scaffolding is a high incidence of equipment, so do its protection operations, it is responsible for the construction of the building.

First, where twists and turns, the deformation of the rod should be straightened, damaged components should be amended before storage or storage, or should be converted.

Second, the use of mobile scaffolding should be promptly returned to support the library, classified storage. Open storage, the place should be flat, outstanding drainage, under the pad, and hide with cloth, accessories, parts should be stored indoors.

Third, the construction of mobile scaffolding stop rust, rust treatment, where the humidity of the larger areas (more than 75%) coated with anti-rust paint once a year, generally should be brushing once every two years. Fasteners to be oiled. Bolt should be galvanized rust. Where there is no condition galvanized, should be washed with oil after each use, coated with oil rust.

Fourth, the use of disc scaffolding fasteners, nuts, pads, bolts and other gadgets is very easy to lose, spare parts in the support should be timely recovery of storage, in the time of the withdrawal also timely testing, chaos is not chaos.

Fifth, establish and improve mobile scaffolding material collar, recovery, review, repair guidelines, according to who use, who repair, who handle the rope, the implementation of the limit collar or rental method to add losses and losses.