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Scaffolding Scaffolding Construction Requirements
Feb 10, 2018

Scissor support is the scaffolding on the diagonal support, like scissors X-shaped bar, this is also very important.

(1) Each scissors strut across the root of the number of poles 6, each scissors width should not be less than 4 cross, and should not be less than 6m diagonal and the ground inclination angle should be between 45 degrees and 60 degrees;

(2) The outer facade is provided with a continuous scissors support, continuously arranged from bottom to top;

(3) The length of the scissors slant rod should be lapped, lap length should not be less than lm, should be used 3 rotating fasteners to fix the end of the edge of the fastener cover the distance should not be less than 100mm;

(4) Scissors diagonal strut application Rotating fasteners fixed at the intersecting horizontal horizontal rod extension or pole, the center line of the rotating fastener to the main node should not be greater than 150mm;

(5) horizontal bracing should be set in the same section, from the bottom to the top was zigzag continuous arrangement, the bracing with rotating fasteners fixed to the intersecting horizontal horizontal rod protruding end, rotate the fastener center The distance between the main line and the main line should not exceed 150mm. When the bracing spans more than 2 steps in a span, it is advisable to add a horizontal horizontal bar at the intersecting longitudinal horizontal bar to fix the bracing to the overhanging end. The bracing adopts the long bar and the connecting bar The use of docking fasteners connected or lap