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What Is Scaffolding And Scaffolding Outside?
Feb 10, 2018

Scaffolding in accordance with the location of the building can be divided into external scaffolding and scaffolding.

External scaffolding: external scaffolding erected from the ground along the periphery of the building, both for external wall masonry, but also for exterior decoration construction. The main form of multi-pole, frame, bridge and so on. Multi-pole type of the most widely used, followed by the box. Bridge the least.

Inside the scaffolding: the scaffolding erected in the interior of the building, each completed after a wet wall, will soon be transferred to the previous floor, a new layer of masonry masonry, which can be used for internal and external masonry and interior decoration construction. In the scaffolding with Shao and Chantong assembly and disassembly frequent, it requires light and flexible, easy assembly and disassembly. The structure of a folding type, pillar and a variety of other types of gantry.