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Winter Construction Matters Needing Attention
Feb 10, 2018

Scaffolding is an indispensable building construction safety facilities, but also the main products of Hangzhou Cube Scaffolding Co., Ltd. Building blocks of high-rise buildings are completed after months of construction workers, especially at high altitude, is quite dangerous, you must set up scaffolding in the periphery, in order to ensure the safety of workers.

When it came to winter, everyone first felt the cold. However, workers engaged in construction should also consider drying. Of course, more attention should be paid to this issue in North China, and more often than not construction is required. Winter project department first from antifreeze, non-slip, fire prevention above considerations, antifreeze is all the raw materials to be maintained and covered, especially when it is snowing and rain must pay attention to the newly poured concrete to be covered with film plus meadow Conservation, workers must pay attention when working to not roasted indoor fire, the workers in the construction site above will often do things must be prohibited workers' quarters have antifreeze measures, after all, live to rely on the workers to come out. All operating shed to have wind-proof measures, when not necessary reinforcement workers do not carry out processing operations, all the construction equipment to be checked every day, earthwork on the frozen best not to move, water content is too large, may be a problem.

Non-slip is also a matter of attention, including road non-slip, non-slip construction area, etc., all roads on the scene to ensure that the road without water (snow, mud), to keep dry, to increase cleaning efforts every day when entering the processing area Clean in advance, do not have wet and mud, to ensure that processing work when the foot is dry and does not slippery, the construction area of the channel and the construction of the wind swept to clean, can not be washed with water, remember, there is no way to be washed with water , Followed by hair dryer, wash the water at any time to prevent slipping when walking, do not go out to do snow day, there is a toilet must pay attention to, this lot of sites will be forgotten place, every day to be cleaned, Make sure the ground is relatively dry and can not freeze.

Last but not least, fire prevention is also a very important issue. In winter, there are a lot of places where fire can start. Do not think that it is easier to fire out in the summer than in winter. Fire extinguishers should be put in place, especially for carpenters, painters and welding sheds. Many workers like to work Smoking, to put an end to these venues should be strictly done after finishing work, finishing properly, do not mess up.