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Ring Lock Scaffolding

1. Stable structure and connection, the wedge lock system guarantees that all ledgers and diagonal braces are secured immediately they are placed; 2. Assembling easily with immediate, safe erection by just one person at any height; 3. The in...

Ring Lock Scaffolding System Specification Advantages

1. Stable structure and connection, the wedge lock system guarantees that all ledgers and diagonal braces are secured immediately they are placed;

2. Assembling easily with immediate, safe erection by just one person at any height;

3. The in built joint and the strong simple wedge connections guarantee a faster erection time;

4. SGS certified products with high precision and superior quality;

5. More than 10 years experience factory with automatic welding production line, meet customers’ timely delivery requirement;

6. Experienced engineer team to check the quality, make sure stable quality;

7. Professional sales service with experienced sales team.

Ring Lock Scaffolding Assemble Process


Working Ringlock Scaffold Single piece System including:

-Ringlock scaffolding vertical standards;

-Scaffolding screw jack foot;

-Layher type scaffold ledgers;

-Ring-lock scaffold transoms;

-Scaffold diagonal braces;

-Galvanized scaffolding planking;

-Stable scaffolding ladder;

Ring Lock Scaffolding Production Photos

Standard Welding 拼图.jpg

Vertical Welding 拼图.jpg

Our Ringlock Scaffolding System Characteristics:

1. Less basic scaffolding components, easy installation. Compared with other types of scaffolding system, ringlock scaffold is rarely lost.

2. Hot dip galvanized surface ensures durability of whole set of ring-lock scaffolding.

3. Design of small ring lock parts - ringlock rosette(also called ringlock disc) and welding scaffold ledgers, saving more space and logistics costs, Ring lock scaffolding system could be ensuring lower prices. Since its design was effectively controlling costs while ensuring the scaffolding quality.

4. Ring-lock scaffolding has high temperature resistance, no burning characteristics, high load carrying capacity. This type of scaffold system can avoid any potential safety hazards and ensure customer safety.

Ring Lock Scaffolding Parts Description

☜Ring Lock Scaffolding Standard without spigot 图片10.png 

  ☟Ring Lock Scaffolding standard with spigot图片9.png

Scaffolding Standard/Vertical: Using D60/48mm hot-dip galvanized steel pipe to ensure the bearing strength

Ring lock rosette: Four-sided tangential design enhances the contact area between the crossbar and the disk. These type of ring lock scaffolding disc enhances the load capacity

Scaffolding spigot: Using hot-dip galvanized steel pipe to connect the scaffolding verticals to maintain uniform force on the pole and the stability of the entire ring lock scaffold system

Ring Lock Scaffolding base collar


Ring Lock Scaffolding ledger


Ledger of Ring lock Scaffolding: different OEM length to facilitate installation required widths of construction need. Meanwhile, the heat-treated Ledger head is welded at the pipe head, and the wedge can be assembled and disassembled quickly. The link of ledger ends and scaffolding rosette keep the whole ring lock scaffolding system stable.

Ring Lock Scaffolding brace


Ring Lock Scaffolding Brace: A certain number of diagonals make the entire scaffolding system more stable. Both ends are equipped with diagonal locking head, which not only facilitates the Ring lock Scaffolding system’s installation and disassemble, but also enhances its load capacity.

Ring Lock Scaffolding plank


Ring Lock Scaffolding Stair


Ring Lock Scaffolding base jack and U head jack


Ringlock Scaffolding Base Jack: adjustable base, practical adjustable design, strong ground adaptability, high bolt strength, easy to adjust the level of drop.

U Head Jack: adjustable design, easy to adjust the support level of whole set of scaffolding system to adapt different height.

Usable as reinforcing scaffolding, stair tower, scaffold access

-This type of Ringlock Scaffolding Vertically adjustable by height grid of 50 cm;

-As our scaffold picture shows, this type Ringlock Scaffolding System in adjustable due to modular connector plate(Ringlock Rosette), each rosette with 8 connection direction in one scaffolding plane;

-Our Ringlock Scaffold have similar standard with many types of Layher scaffolding system. It allows the easy combination with other scaffolding parts;

-This Ringlock Scaffold allows different scaffold heights, bay lengths and widths through selective choice of scaffolding standards, scaffold ledgers, scaffold transoms, Ringlock scaffolding diagonals, different types of scaffold planking.

Ring Lock Scaffolding accessories



We could sure our Ring lock Scaffolding Products:

1. Use safety. This type of ring lock scaffolding configure the working platform board, there are safety rails on each floor.

2. Its excellent processing scaffolding standards, light weight makes the whole set ring-lock scaffold more flexible. Till now, Ringlock scaffolding is widely used in many large projects. This scaffolding system can meet the construction requirements of various construction site.

3.Using carbon dioxide gas protection welding technology for all ringlock scaffolding welding parts, such as Ring-lock Vertical, Scaffold Ledger, Scaffolding Base Jack, U Head Jack, Scaffold Fork Head, Scaffolding ladders etc. Anti-corrosion anti-rust, welding point corrosion is extremely low. Make every effort to ensure safe operation during construction

Packing photos for ring lock scaffolding parts:



Ring Lock Scaffolding Application:

Ringlock scaffolds are widely used in bridge projects such as general viaducts, tunnels, factories, elevated water towers, power plants, oil refineries, etc. 


Ring lock scaffolding is also suitable for support design of special workshops, overpasses, spans, storage racks, chimneys, water towers and indoor and outdoor decoration, large-scale concert stage, background racks, stands, viewing tables, molding racks, stair systems, stage installation, Sports competition stands and other projects


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